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Keep in Touch

Library FAQ

Yes. The library is able to borrow books in over 50 different languages from the State Library of NSW. Books are available in all reading levels and categories, from picture and junior books to adult fiction and non-fiction.

Yes. The library welcomes all visitors to the shire. Come in and read a book, newspaper or one of our magazines. Computers are available to use, and you can print, photocopy or scan your documents.

The library has a JP service for the witnessing of documents and certifying photocopies. It is best to phone the library in advance on (02) 6740 2190 to ensure that a JP will be available when required.

Yes. You can undertake paper or computer-based exams at the library, just ring and organise ahead of time.

You can access your emails on one of the public access computers and print the documents. A JP (available at the library) will witness your signature, if required. A scanner is available for you to scan them to your email for you to forward wherever necessary.

The library has a photocopier available for the public. A small fee applies per page.

You can print from a USB on any of the public computers for a fee per page.

The library has public access internet computers available. They are free to use and can be booked for up to two hours. You can also print, copy or scan (fees apply), and a JP can certify documents if you require.

Yes. The library has free Wi-Fi available for use on your laptop, notebook, iPad and other devices. Just ask the staff for the Wi-Fi log-in slips. Sessions last for two hours or 200MB.

The library has computers with internet access that are available to use for free, up to 2 hours.