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Keep in Touch

Compliments & Complaints

Gunnedah Shire Council welcomes all feedback in relation to our services. We would be pleased to know what we have done well, and very receptive to feedback regarding what we have not done so well. Compliments and complaints can be submitted using the form on our Contact Us page.

To support the actions underpinning the Gunnedah Shire Disability Inclusion Action Plan 2017-2021, Council has a strong commitment to ensuring our complaints mechanisms are accessible to all, and encourages other organisations to do the same.

For further information regarding the complaints process, please refer to our Complaints Handling Policy below.

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Tips for Accessible Complaints Handling

The NSW Ombudsman has released two resources to assist organisations to deliver an accessible complaint handling service and both are designed to be included in training and induction packages, and on any organisations intranet and/or website. Hardcopies of the factsheet or a copy of the video on a USB (at no cost) can be obtained by emailing 

My Right To Be Heard

This video features five people with disability who provide personal insights into their lives and the importance of being heard. The Deputy Ombudsman and Disability Services Commissioner also appear in the video, sending a strong message about the obligation of all agencies and their staff to adopt an inclusive and ‘person centred’ approach to complaint handling. The Commissioner’s message is supported by practical advice from one of their most experienced complaints handlers. Check out the video below. 

Tips for Accessible Complaint Handling

This is a practical guide for frontline staff about adopting a person-centred and inclusive approach to complaints. Check out: NSW Ombudsman Tips for Accessible Complaint Handling