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General Info  

Many of the services Council is entrusted to provide cannot be directly charged for and require some form of taxation funding. Revenue from rates funds a range of community infrastructure and services including:

  • Roads, bridges, footpaths, drainage & flood mitigation
  • Parks, public conveniences, cemeteries, pools & sporting facilities
  • Libraries, community centres, halls, cultural & entertainment venues
  • Planning, building, animal, health & public order controls
  • Contributions to RFS, SES & other community groups
  • Aged, youth and child services
  • Tourism, events & economic development

For further information on Rates calculation, payment, due dates and concession entitlements please contact us on 02 6740 2100.

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eNotices Rates & Water  

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You can now have your Rates and Water Accounts emailed to your nominated email address. The use of emailed bill delivery is quicker, cheaper and better for the environment.

Signing up for this free service will also let you login to the web portal so you can change your email details, retrieve forgotten passwords, view and reprint notices. Please read the Terms & Conditions of Use prior to registering for this service.

To register, open the eNotices portal and follow the 3 easy steps below:

Enter in your email address and eNotices reference number as it appears on your notice.

Check your email inbox and click the validation link.

Select a password and enter your mobile number.

To register additional notices, click “Add your notice” in your account Dashboard and the eNotices reference number for each additional notice.

You will now receive notices in your email inbox, and can login to view them online at any time.

If you have already registered for Email Notices you do not need to reigster for eNotices as your account details will be automatically transferred for you.

eNotices FAQ  

What Notices can I receive via this email service?

​Once registered you will be able to receive: Annual Rate Notice(s), Rate Instalment Notice(s), Rate Reminder Notice(s), Water Account(s) and Water Account Reminder Notice(s) via this email service.

I did not receive my validation link?

Please check your junk folder in your email account. If you need further assistance please call 02 6740 2100.

Could my notice automatically go to my junk/spam folder?

Yes it could, so please check your junk folder in your email account and mark the sender as safe to recieve further notices to your inbox.

If I own more than one property, must I register each property and Account type (i.e. Rate Notices or Water Notices) separately?

​Yes, you will need to register each property you own separately – as well as registering the type of account (i.e. Rates or Water Notices) you would like to receive via email for that property.

After registering for this service, other than Rate and Water Notices, will I receive other Council correspondence or notices via email as well?

​Not necessarily, while Council makes every effect to utilise e-mail for the delivery of correspondence and other accounts, you may still receive some correspondence (e.g. letters) via the post but Council will continue to develop systems to expand on this service.

Will I (or other joint property owners) receive Rate or Water Notices through the post once I register to receive these notices via email?

No, once you have registered to receive your rate or water notices via email you or joint property owners will no longer receive paper notices in the post.

Can Rate and Water Notices be emailed to more than one property owner?

Yes, once you have registered to receive your Rate or Water Notices via email you can link other email addresses for joint property owners etc. to also receive these notices.

What do I do if I change my email address?

​Log on to the eNotices portal using your existing login details and update your email address.

Can I cancel my subscription to this email service?

Yes, you can do this via web portal. If you unsubscribe from receiving your notices electronically, paper notices will be issued after this time via normal post. Notices will be sent to the last advised mailing address for the property. Unsubscription may take one billing cycle to process.

If I receive my Rate or Water Account Notice by email, what payment methods can I use?

​You can use any available payment method detailed on the Account Notice including direct debit.