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Waste and Recyling

Waste and Recyling

Electronic Waste

E-waste (electronic waste)

Electronic waste bins are located at the Gunnedah Shire Waste Management facility, allowing residents to deposit unwanted electronic items free of charge.

E-Waste refers to any item that needs a battery, power cord or a plug that is no longer wanted or working. These items contain potentially toxic metal elements and need to be separated from general waste.

Accepted scheme items include:

  • CRT Televisions, CRT Computer Monitors, Flat Screen TV’s – LED, LCD or Plasma, Flat Screen Monitors –LED, LCD or Plasma.
  • Desktop Printers, Fax Machines, Multi-Function Devices, Scanners, Sound Equipment, Cameras, Networking Equipment, Routers/switches, Gaming Consoles, Computer Peripherals (keyboards, mice, joysticks, webcam), UPS Units, Landline Phones, Tablets/I-pads/I-pods.
  • Computer towers, laptops, mobile phones.
  • Electrical and electronic tools - sewing machines, drills, saws, welding tools, electric mowers and tools for other gardening activities. Small household appliances - kettles, toasters, irons, vacuum cleaners, carpet sweepers, irons, electric knives, electric.

E-Waste can be deposited during opening hours at the Gunnedah Waste Management Facility, located at 418 Quia Road.

Other metal kitchen & household appliances with electronic components, such as microwaves, white-goods and kettles are accepted free of charge as scrap metal at all transfer stations.

Please refer to for further information.