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Building and Construction

Building and Construction

Plumbing & Drainage

All plumbing and drainage work carried out in the Gunnedah Shire Council must comply with the Plumbing Code of Australia and Australian Standard AS/NZS 3500. Copies of the Plumbing Code of Australia can be obtained from the Australian Building Codes Board at and copies of AS/NZS 3500 can be obtained from

NSW Office of Fair Trading licenses plumbers and drainers under the Home Building Act 1989, and all plumbing and drainage work must be completed by a person holding a NSW licence, qualified supervisor certificate or tradesperson certificate.

Plumbers and drainers working in the Gunnedah Local Government Area must continue to contact Gunnedah Shire Council to book inspections for approved works, pay fees, submit documentation and for enquiries.

Documents and forms

Plumbers and drainers are required to submit the following documents at certain stages of the work:

  • Applications to connect to Council’s sewerage system, or install a system of on-site sewage management or amend connections.
  • Notice of Work is to be issued to Gunnedah Shire Councill no later than 2 business days before the work concerned is carried out.
  • Certificate of Compliance is to be issued to Gunnedah Shire Council and to the person for whom the work was carried out, on completion of the final inspection.

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Council still will require complete colour coded “works as executed” service diagram with details of all services on the property to assist current and future owners to identify the location of underground water supply pipes, sanitary drainage, and stormwater drainage and fire services as applicable.