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Better Infrastructure

Better Infrastructure

Gunnedah Regional Saleyards Redevelopment

Updated 13 February, 2023

In September 2020, the NSW Government announced $14 million for the Gunnedah Regional Saleyards Redevelopment. This has been supported by a Gunnedah Shire Council co-contribution of $3.56 million.

Plans for the precinct include a range of upgrades and innovations:

  • Construction of a multi-purpose administration building, comprising of office and administration spaces, a café and outdoor dining area and amenities;
  • Construction of new workshop sheds;
  • Improvements to infrastructure including gates, fencing, gantries and watering systems;
  • A new drive-through truck wash capable of accommodating road trains;
  • Internal lighting upgrades;
  • Construction of off-street car parking for light vehicles and a parking/queuing area for heavy vehicles;
  • Technological improvements including wi-fi and high-speed internet to facilitate on-line sales and other smart technology applications;
  • Fenced containment of the site and major security upgrades;
  • Upgrades of cattle loading/unloading ramps; and
  • Making the site more self-sufficient through the installation of up to a 50kW solar system and installation of water tanks with the capacity to hold 1,324kl through major stormwater harvesting and reuse facilities.

The project capitalises on Gunnedah’s strengths in agriculture, creating opportunities to grow our already successful beef base and access new online markets.

From its beginnings in 1919, the Gunnedah Regional Saleyards has grown to become the fifth largest selling centre of cattle in New South Wales, and the ninth largest in Australia. This project will help to secure Gunnedah's place among the national leaders in this industry.

Construction started in mid-April, 2022 and the first sod was officially turned on the project on June 1, 2022. 

The state-of-the-art truck wash is complete and was opened for operation on 21 November and officially opened on 28 November. The drive-through facility is capable of accommodating vehicles as large as road trains and B-triples. The realignment and modification of the truck wash allows trucks to move forward into the wash bays and exit from the same direction, making it safer and easier for livestock transporters.

The $1.8 million-dollar truck wash project was funded by Regional NSW, Restart NSW Fixing Country Truck Washes Program and Gunnedah Shire Council.

The Saleyards administration building is anticipated to be substantially complete towards the end of  March 2023, allowing GSC to finalise the fit-out and prepare the facility for occupation before formally opening around May 2023.

The tender for Phase 2 of the redevelopment – Roof A & Saleyards upgrade– has been awarded to David Payne Constructions who are also carrying out phase 1 of the project – the administration building.

Works for Phase 2 are in the planning stage and the contractor is finalising design elements.

It is anticipated the Saleyards redevelopment will be completed in late 2023/early 2024.


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