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Kerbside Collection Changes

Kerbside Collection Changes

A new 10 year contract for Gunnedah Shire’s waste, recycling and garden organics kerbside collection service has been announced, with JR Richards & Sons to continue their current kerbside collections and take on residential and commercial recycling collections.

Local business Gunnedah Workshop Enterprises will continue to process recycling at Recyclit, located within the Gunnedah Waste Management Facility. The new collection routine will begin on Monday, 5 July 2021. New recycling bins and a comprehensive information pack will be delivered to households during June. The new collection contract was shaped by community feedback received in the 2020 Residential and Commercial Waste Collection Surveys.

What changes are happening to the kerbside waste services?
Gunnedah households will receive a larger 240-litre recycling bin (yellow lid) to replace the existing 120L recycling bin. This bin will be collected fortnightly. There will not be any changes to the general waste bin (red lid) or green lid green waste bin.

Why is Council changing its kerbside waste services?
Over the past 12 months Gunnedah Shire Council has been reviewing its waste collection services and Council’s current waste, recycling and green waste kerbside collection contract is reaching its expiry in June 2021. Council believes there is an opportunity for improvement to meet the needs of the community by making some changes to the bin collection schedule and recycling bin size. The new waste services contract has been awarded to JR Richards and Sons.

How often will my kerbside bins be collected?

  • Your new larger yellow lid recycling bin will be collected fortnightly.
  • Your red lid general waste bin will continue to be collected weekly
  • If you have a green waste bin (green lid) this will be collected fortnightly on the alternate week to your recycling bin

When does the new service start?
From Monday 5th July 2021.

When will I get my new recycling bin?
The new 240L recycling bins will be delivered between 7 – 11 June 2021. The new service will start from Monday 5 July 2021. You should use your existing recycling bin until then.

What should I do with my old recycling bin?
JR Richards & Sons will arrange collection of the old recycling bins starting from Monday 19 July. All residents are asked to surrender their empty 120L recycling bin (yellow lid bin with green base) by placing it upside down on the kerb for collection.

How do I know which week my bins will be collected?
You will receive an information pack with your new recycling bin which will include a collection calendar (identifying week A or week B) and map. You can also download the Recycle Coach App to obtain a custom collection schedule.

How do I know which day my bins will be collected?
Unless you receive a letter from Council your bin collection day will not change. Letters will be going out to affected households/ commercial customers at the end of May.

Who will be affected by the new service?
Gunnedah residents and commercial customers.

Can I get additional bins or upgrades?
If you find your bins are constantly overflowing, you can upgrade to a larger or obtain an additional bin. An additional fee will be added to your property’s Council rates. Please note, only ratepayers and property owners agents can start or add a new waste service or make changes to existing waste services.

What happens if any of my bins are damaged or stolen?
You should contact JR Richards Waste Hotline 1800 208 141. Ongoing maintenance and replacement of waste bins is the Contractor's responsibility