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Waste & Illegal Dumping

Dumping Unwanted Goods is Illegal

Illegal dumping is an environmental, economic and social problem because it:

  • pollutes our waterways through the stormwater system
  • is a waste of resources because dumped items can often be recycled or reused
  • can be dangerous, for example discarded needles and syringes
  • attracts vermin such as rats and cockroaches
  • looks unsightly and blocks access for pedestrians, bikes and vehicles
  • is a financial burden to the Town and ratepayers

Gunnedah Shire Council actively prevents illegal dumping and encourages initiatives such as Clean Up Australia Day. Council has also installed CCTV cameras in identified problem areas for illegal dumping to reduce and prevent dumping.

Please report instances of illegal dumping to our Customer Service Team on 02 6740 2100.