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Agriculture and Saleyards

Agriculture and Saleyards

Gunnedah Saleyards

Gunnedah is a beautiful cattle fattening area and the Gunnedah Saleyards facility has EU (European Union) accreditation. Prices in large cattle are amongst the best in the state due to the large buyer pool. The yards are earthing yards, which helps cattle travel from farther areas attracting the large buyer pool.

With 12 livestock agents selling each Tuesday, Gunnedah's livestock selling centre is on the the top four in NSW. Consistently yarding over 120,000 prime beef cattle per year, the sale yards turn over a massive historic average of $90 million annually. Visitors are welcome to absorb the atmosphere as the air buzzes with the auctioneer's call at the sales held every Tuesday. The Gunnedah
saleyards are located on the north-western outskirts of town, beside the Kamilaroi Highway.

The Gunnedah Saleyards employs around 50 people including 12 agents.

View the most recent cattle market report here.

For information on current saleyard fees please call:

NAME: Mr Doc Morrison
POSITION: Saleyards Manager
ADDRESS: PO Box 63 Gunnedah NSW 2380
PHONE: 02 6742 4768
FAX: 02 6742 4765
MOBILE: 0428 458 824


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